Bill Doolittle

Bill is an award-winning senior executive with consistent, diversified and progressive sales and delivery of business services and solutions for B2B and B2C organizations worldwide. His solid general management background has been anchored in a strong sales and service mentality. An accomplished senior level negotiator with a reputation for delivering aggressive revenue growth and profitability, Bill's hands-on coaching and highly communicative team-style leadership, coaching and strategic planning have demonstrated dramatic individual and company growth across many lines of businesses.

With a strong focus on sales and marketing, market development and competitive analysis, staff recruiting and motivation, field service training and support, his record of business development and new product success has been sought after by companies around the world. He also has a strong demonstrated track record of structuring and implementing successful alliances, joint ventures and global business relationships throughout the US, Great Britain, Canada and Europe. The key to Bill's success has been his unflagging willingness to look at unconventional and innovative thinking to solve contemporary business challenges.

Bill's entire career has been defined by constantly examining how to bring unique, creative and compelling business solutions to the needs of the business in order to build sustainable growth. This is how Pequod Group leverages professional strengths, thereby creating consistent, sustainable value for companies and shareholders.